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How do I use the Firewall Zones feature?

You can set up zones to manage how SparkTrust AntiVirus behaves when you are connected to untrusted or trusted networks.

To view zones:

  1. Click the Advanced Options... button at the bottom of the Firewall page.
  2. Click the Zones tab at the top.

To add or edit a new zone:

  1. Select Add... to add a new zone or Edit next to an existing zone.
  2. Type a Description for the network you are adding.
  3. Choose the Adapter for the new network, or choose Any if you aren't sure which to choose.
  4. Choose the Type (see table below) and fill in the appropriate IP or Subnet Mask information.
  5. Choose Trusted for a secure network or Untrusted for public networks and click OK.


Type Description
Single Address Allows you to specify a zone for a single IP address.
Address Range Allows you to specify a zone for a range of IP addresses.
Network Allows you to specify a zone for an entire network.

To delete a zone:

  • Click Delete on the right side of the zone in the list.

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