Microsoft Windows 7 compatible: SparkTrust Inspector works with the latest Microsoft operating system, Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Custom system scans: You can customize how SparkTrust Inspector scans your system by selecting only the items you want to be scanned. There is a list of items that you can check or clear before running a system scan.

Detailed security audit of websites: With SparkTrust's website security analysis tool you can take a close look at any security issues on websites you maintain.

Automatic scanning with the scheduling tool: With SparkTrust Inspector you can create schedules so that a registry scan is done automatically. Using the schedule feature you can set more than one schedule to run daily, weekly, monthly, at system startup, and more.

Automatic updates: SparkTrust Inspector will automatically update when one is available so you never have to wonder whether or not your software is up-to-date.

Selection and removal: You can choose to fix all of the items SparkTrust Inspector has detected after it completes a scan. You can also select only those you want fixed. When the results are displayed, you can clear the items that you do not want fixed.

System tray icon: The SparkTrust Inspector system tray icon offers several handy menu options for quick and easy access to commonly used functions. From the system tray icon menu you can conveniently launch SparkTrust Inspector, start a scan, and get updates. You can also quickly view the results of the most recent SparkTrust Inspector scan.

Ignore list: SparkTrust Inspector offers you the ability to ignore items that have been detected after the registry is scanned. In this way these items will be ignored for subsequent scans. There is an Ignore list that you can manage should you want to have these items scanned and fixed in the future.

Automatic repair: SparkTrust Inspector offers you the ability to perform an automatic repair of detected items after a scan. You can configure the settings so that a repair of detected items occurs after each scan.

Restore: A restore point is automatically created every time you use SparkTrust Inspector. You can restore the items that were fixed.

Defrag tool: You can defragment your hard disk to alleviate performance loss; an overly fragmented system can lead to extra time launching applications and opening files. See the Defrag page for more information and instructions.

Startup Manager: SparkTrust Inspector offers quick and easy access to programs that are launched when you start your computer. You can enable and disable applications in the Startup list.