SparkTrust Driver Updater makes it easy to update, backup and restore your device drivers. It automatically looks for the drivers that need to be updated and finds the ones that are most suitable for your system. SparkTrust Driver Updater has a database of drivers for more than 60,000 hardware devices and peripherals. It can find the drivers you need for video cards, motherboards, sound cards, network cards, printers, modems, video displays, mice, keyboards, and other hardware devices.

SparkTrust Driver Updater updates your drivers quickly. It continues to help keep your PC optimized by delivering “update driver” notifications. It takes just one click to install these new drivers. Updated drivers can increase performance and stability, fix bugs, and, in some cases, even provide new features.

In addition to updating your drivers, SparkTrust Driver Updater removes outdated and redundant drivers from the Download Manager. As well, it will hide driver notifications for hardware devices that you don’t use any more.

With SparkTrust Driver Updater’s Driver Scan Scheduler, you can set when you want the program to check for updates. You can arrange for it to seek updated drivers when you are not using your PC so that it doesn’t slow you down. Setting up regular updates is also a great way to stay on top of your PC maintenance.

SparkTrust Driver Updater has some great tools to help your PC’s performance. The Diagnose Your System feature identifies common problems, and can detect if a component is not working right and provides a way to correct this.

As well, SparkTrust Driver Updater keeps tabs on the temperature of your Central Processing Unit (CPU), video card, and other components so that you can stop using them before they overheat. High temperatures can cause problems that lead to instability and performance problems.