The process manager lets you shut down or disable tasks that are running in the background.  Disabling unwanted processes can significantly speed up your computer.

Each running process is broken down into one of 5 types:




Operating system processes that are identified as such by the SparkTrust Inspector database.

User Installed

Processes run by applications that have been legitimately installed on your system and are identified as such by the SparkTrust Inspector database.


Other processes whereby SparkTrust Inspector cannot detect the installation source; these are items not found in the SparkTrust Inspector database.


Processes the SparkTrust Inspector database detects as being unwanted as they are associated with a legitimate application but are specified as unwanted as you would not want to run them all the time. Examples of these are system tray items or background services that do not have a useful purpose.


Processes the SparkTrust Inspector malware database detects as malware and require termination. We recommend you run a scan to remove any malware on your system.

To end a Process, click the process to select it, then click End Process.

Note: Please exercise caution when ending processes. Only end processes you do not need. We recommend avoiding all System processes, and using caution with others.