There are three main reasons SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus may continue to detect items after fixing. If there is a harmless item you would like to ignore for future scans you can add it to the ignore list.

System Problems

The System Problems category contains several different types of errors that may show on repeated scans. It can remove unused entries from your registry, or clear information from existing entries in your registry. These are frequently recreated as part of normal computer operation. Additionally making changes to some registry categories such as "Shared DLLs" requires restarting the computer before changes can be made, so multiple scans without a restart will show repeated items.

Privacy Items

Files on your computer are constantly updated as you browse the web and use your computer online. Some files will be removed during every scan so that the files will be re-created without all the previous information.

Junk Files

Some items under Junk Files cannot be removed while windows is running. You will need to restart your computer before the next scan to be rid of repeated items under Junk Files.

To add an item to the ignore list:

1. Click on System Scan.
2. Wait for the scan to finish, then click the Edit button next to the category with items you want to ignore
3. Click the Ignore link next to the item you want to ignore.