The SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus file manager provides you with additional information on files, or can direct you to the program needed to access a file that cannot currently be opened on your computer.

To use the File Extension Manager:

1. Open SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus and click the Tools button.
2. Click File Manager.
3. Type in the name of the file extension you wish to open, and then click Find Software.

If you are unsure of the extension of a file you are trying to open, please right-click the file and then select Properties. The file extension should be the 3 or 4 letter code listed next to the heading Type of file.

The following information is displayed:

+ File Extension
+ Alias (any other name for the extension)
+ Type (the type of file, for example, "Document file type")
+ Description and information related to the file extension
+ A table with information as described below




Supported Software

When you hover the mouse cursor over the items in this column you can see a complete list of file extensions that the application supports.


A rating based on a scale of zero to five stars is displayed when there is a rating available that SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus can retrieve.

Software Information

A link when clicked opens your browser to the software vendor's web site where you can receive more information about the application.


A button to initiate the download of the software. Your browser opens to the software vendor's download page.


Free software (as noted) and those that require the purchase of a license.

The table is ordered with free supported software at the top of the list and then by best rating.

After examining the list of software solutions that support the file extension, you can choose to download software.

To download a supported software product:

1. Click the Download button associated with a particular supported software.
2. Your browser opens to the vendor site and you can locate and click the required link.

Note: Each vendor has a set of steps specific to their own download process.