In a resent update to our software, we have incorporated an additional scanning feature. The System Scan will perform a scan of the following categories: System, Privacy Items, Junk Files, Malware (Quick Scan) along with Potentially Unwanted Items. This feature remains essentially the same.

If you are a licensed user, and during a System Scan, should a malware item be detected, you will be prompted to do a Full AV Scan at the end of the cleaning from the regular system scan. The full AV Scan will scan the entire system, along with active processes for threats that include Rootkit malware. 

This feature is also available within the free scan version. The end user may conduct a free scan and enter the registration process in order to pay for the full version in order to perform the cleanup.
Please do keep in mind, with this added feature, you will still be require to have a valid anti-virus program with active protection. The Full AV Scan will not incorporate this feature.